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ę 2008 Cantine Scarpari Felice di Scarpari Michelangelo  P.IVA 03245070176
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Cantine Scarpari Felice, Botticino DOC wine
Cantine Scarpari Felice
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Botticino D.O.C.

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Paging old books about Botticino's territory you can find the Scarpari family among the historic families of Botticino. Scarpari since ever wine-growers and winemakers.

Since more than three generations, we have been granting genuinity and quality. It's widely demostrated by the different gold medals and national competitions won by our wines. The vinification and aging are achieved in a traditional way, while the bottling is achieved through an automated facility.

A wine on the top

Botticino Cantiný wine is an italian wine produced, as all the Botticino D.O.C. winews, by the following grapes: Barbera, Schiava gentile, Marzemino and Sangiovese.

The special character of this Botticinno D.O.C. wine is that it's aged in Slavonian oak barrels.

The Cantiný wine is deep red rubin color.

The buquet is ethereal, winy accentuated.

The taste is full bodied and lightly almondy.

Botticino Cantiný wine, aged in Slavonian oak barrels

Scarpari Felice winery is associated to:

Associazione Strade del Vino Colli dei Longobardi
Consorzio Botticino D.O.C.
Consorzio Lugana D.O.C.
Provveditoria dei vini novelli bresciani